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Exhaust Gas Turbocharger 

The turbocharger generates very high temperatures. Depending on the fuel between 800 degrees and > 1000 degrees.

TEMPISO insulation systems efficiently protect parts in the immediate vicinity from heat.

Exhaust Pipe

In order to ensure compliance with the relevant environmental standards and exhaust aftertreatments, it is important that the heat remains within the system.
This requires an effective insulation system.

Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold must be precisely insulated under the tightest space conditions and exceptional geometric shapes.

In order to guarantee the best possible installation and maintenance according to your requirements, it is necessary to have the experience of decades.


Shieldings from lsomax can be used in almest all ranges where protection is required against enormous temperatures.

We provide customized solutions for different requirements and applications.


Due to our choice of materials we are able to produce very dimensionally stable cladding parts.

Our product characteristics offer high flexibility in assembly and disassembly – according to your requirements.


With insufficient basic insulation from the manufacturer, our high-quality insulation systems create the ne,cessary efficiency to keep the heat within the system. This provides comprehensive heat protection for the surrounding components.

Catalytic Converter

In order to guarantee efficient exhaust aftertreatment, the catalytic converter must move within the specified temperature range.

Our high-quality insulation enables you to achieve the highest efficiency for the component as fast as possible.