Manufacturing Processes
with the latest technology!

TEMPISO also produces small quantities at a competitive price.

Production technology

  • forming with 100 metric tons C-frame presses
  • bending with 85-170 metric tons press brakes
  • laser-cutting in 2D- and 3D-processes
  • water jet cutting
  • micro spot welding
  • WIG-MIG/MAG welding
  • resistance welding
  • longitudinal and cross cutting processes
  • circular form bending and standard bending technologies

We process steels and stainless steels in various product-related alloys and material thicknesses.


With the use of smart production processes, we are able to produce cost-efficient mini-series! Through the combination of wine burner, hydraulic press brake? Kuka robot and offline programming, it is also possible to manufacture small batches so inexpensively that we are absolutely competitive against other manufacturers.

CAD – Construction

From your idea to the finished product

  • Creation of volume files 3D models
  • Creation of surface files 2D drawings
  • Construction of tools
  • Construction for fixture construction


Rapid Prototyping

You have the CAD data for your desired component, but need something tangible, a model for presentation or a prototype to check the accuracy of fit with other parts?

Our Stereolithography process produces very complex and accurate parts. The Rapid Prototyping machine implements your CAD design with the finest details down to 0. 025 mm.

Prototyping and tool making
3D – Laser processing

3D laser cutting machine TruLaser Cell 7040
3D laser cutting and welding machine TruLaser Cell 3000

Prototyping and tool making
2D – Laser processing

2D laser cutting system Dener Fiberlaser 3015

Prototyping and deep drawing

  • SMG hydraulic press 850 t
  • SMG hydraulic press 600 t
  • SMG hydraulic press 250 t
  • SMG hydraulic press 100 t
  • SMG hydraulic press   60 t
  • SMG hydraulic press   40 t

Prototype construction and toolmaking

Prototyping and toolmaking

CNC sheet metal cutting machine Dener AS 3006

Prototyping and toolmaking
Surface treatment

Glass bead blasting MHG SMG 160

Prototyping and toolmaking

WIG welding

MAG welding

resistance welding

Tools and prototype parts

Measuring technology
Vision Hawk

  • Non-contact measurement in 3 axes
  • Ergonomic microscope with video measuring system
  • Measurement of small components / geometries
  • Edges checking
  • Detecting microcracks

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